Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread

While Akali was enabled yesterday, she had a few unfortunate bugs that compromised gameplay testing. The worst issues (for example, her Q sometimes reverted to rank 1 for the entire game) should be fixed as of now. So let's talk about how we intend Akali to function in game. -- She remains an assassin -- burst damage and target access are her strengths. -- In lane, she moves between a calculated, attritional laning phase and a brutal rushdown when her R is available. - Be aware that her R cooldown is long, so if you don't make those ults count, you'll probably end up behind. -- Many of her lane matchups are even to challenging pre-6 (a nod to Live Akali), but her skirmishing in 2v2s with the jungler is excellent. Indeed, Akali excels in small group PvP throughout the game. - We think she is an effective midlaner into most matchups and a situational pick top/bot, depending on lane matchup. - We have not had success jungling her (at least not building AP) due to her low sustained damage output and are happy with this, as Twilight Shroud requires enemies be able to predict when Akali might dive them. - As a snowball dependent champ, she is a poor support. -- As the game progresses, we tend to play her flexibly. - Against teams without top-tier duelists, she is an excellent split pusher, threatening to kill a lone defender even under the safety of their own tower. - Where that isn't possible, she can control team fights with Twilight Shroud and capitalize quickly on even brief ally CC to secure kills for her team. - She's uniquely capable of creating a deep, sustained zone of threat against the enemy backline in group fights, keeping them from rushing past into her own back line. As a starting point for feedback, I'd love to hear from those who play her today and onward whether you feel these statements are accurate and desirable. Beyond that, I'm happy to answer and questions you have about the gameplay of her update and will be reading your thoughts on it closely over the coming two weeks. Thanks for your playtesting time. I know it can be time consuming to provide feedback, but it makes a big difference in the quality of the final product. So get out there, play some Akali and let me know how she feels.
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