Teamfight Tactics Feature Enhancment

Suggested Enhancements to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) **Implement TAB Statistics** In standard league games, everyone knows you press tab for statistics. Right now TFT seems more like an random number generator based game that a strategy game. By showing team key statistics, people can make choices like abandoning their quest for the 3rd level Vayne or buying an grabbing the unneeded Kayle at the carousel to stop your opponent from completing his 6 noble team comp. **Fight Screen** Where the display currently shows what you've completed (Demons 3, Glacial 2, etc.) on the left. When fighting someone, shows their bonus right next to that with contrasting color. Then you can see what is taking you down so much. Will help add strategy of at least the rock, paper, scissors level. "Oh they have the sorc buff, I should build a Dragon's Claw." **Hovering Champions** Hovering over the champion on the right shows their currently played champions, their bonuses, their gold and their current win streak. (Saves you from having to go actually watch the fight and miss yours). **Item Limits** Right now, one of the strategies currently getting over played is for people to purposefully lose fights to get better items at the carousel and to get the streak gold. Then they get a level 1 Draven, add 3 perfect items on them and destroy your team. Items should be capped at the level of the champion. A level 1 champ can at most have a level 1 item, a level 2 champ, 2 items and to add 3 items, you need a level 3 champ. **Shutdown Gold** I think the getting rewarded for losing multiple matches in a row with extra gold really makes the beginning of the game dull. Eliminate losing streak gold and instead if someone is on a hot streak and you shut them down (beat them), you get extra gold. Will make people actually care about fights early. **Base Level Gold** The base level gold really makes no sense. I think instead of capping at 5, make it so that each turn you get your level in gold. Then you have to play the trade off of "Do I buy extra levels early" vs "Do I hold on to gold and get interest." It also accelerates the game at the end. **Better Damage Counters** The damage you take after losing a battle sometimes seems nonsensical. Forgetting that Elise's spiderlings count for some reason. Do a better summary of what you are taking damage from. **First Carousel Timer** Arguably the most important carousel will time out on you and give you a random champ if you get a couple snaked from you, but the later rounds where everyone pick in seconds take forever. Give us another 10 seconds (or until everyone has chosen) on the first carousel. **Chat Refinement** When you want to send a message to your opponent, everyone sees it and it makes no sense. Implement Rift style chat. Typed Messages only appear to people on the same screen as you unless you type /ALL Mode: 1v1 only your opponent sees message Carousel all opponents see message /ALL Message sent to all people Chat lobby at the end so the top 2 or 3 can talk to each other. Its unsatisfying not having a chance to say GG or something.
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