My Teamfight Tactics changes suggestion

Now, I am a massive fan of strategy games, and tbf, playing league usually irritates me because I want to play with people in europe but was forced to move back to Australia recently, so teamfight tactics is a really enjoyable medium for me, especially since strategy is one of the most hated genres in existance, this aside! heres my opinion on changes **Clarity/ease of use** 1 - Give an item list somewhere so we know what items make what, maybe a drop down menu with the recipes listed it on the left of the screen 2 - ~removed~ 3 - Start everyone an equal distance on round 1 from champions, say something the size of the summoners rift spawn zone, so everyone has a fair chance to get all champions 4 - More space between carousel champions so we are less likely to run into the wrong one with lag, alternatively, change carousel from a wheel that spins to a podium line up where the champion stands still and slowly rotates on the spot like showing off a new car 5 - 5 extra seconds after a carousel round, this is the placing phase after the carousel has ended 6 - When a champion combines, remove the items from the champions that are combining into it(mainly for carousel) 7 - Add an undo button for item fusing if you drop it on the wrong thing accidently **Basic Gameplay Fixes** 1 - Map size Bigger map, the map should have a bigger gap between the two players, maybe 1-2 extra lines Add an extra line around the outside so champions cant deploy in the corner and be unable to be attacked by melees 2 - Damage the game is way way to focused on damage, especially early 3 - Assasin tag function Assassins should have a toggle that lets them jump after everyone has engaged instead of before Assassins should also attack the lowest hp unit wherever possible 4 - Champion pathing Melee champions can get stuck, and they will just stand there whilst the game tries to figure out how to move them around other characters 5 - Mana Mana should be gained per game tick, not by attack, this makes attack speed the best stat in the game no questions asked **Fixing Hardcore Rng bias** 1 - Items should be given at the end of the round to everyone who has not been eliminated from the game, having an extra item, even a bad one can make it completely impossible to win the game, and if you have no chance of winning just because you were behind and died, why even play? it's anti-fun. Instead, award people who succeed the minion wave an extra 10 gold 2 - Gold champions After round 4 add an extra slot that can gives a guranteed gold champion every 3rd round after round 5 make it every second round after round 6 make it every round 3 - Give 2 free re-rolls per round at stage 1(does not stack) 4 - Decks - this is more in regards to when they add the rest of the champion roster Decks(dont know what to call them but heard it compared to hearthstone) Riot should give some pre-made decks the same way they give pre-made masteries that increase the rate at which you get certain champions, because as it stands, some people will get a 3 star really early and one sidedly dominate as somebody never gets any, the deck should be riot made and focus on giving an equal set of balanced champions **General balancing - ** 1 -Guinsoos is broken everyone has said it, nerf this, this item can basically solo win you the game if you get it early, 2 -Attack speed heck, attack speed in general is broken since that determines how quickly you get mana 3 - Stuns are to long, they are absurdly anti-fun with how long they are, it isn't even a joke, especially ability ones like Sejuani or Ashe 4 -Nerf glacial It can happen way to often, this combined with the previous, you can essentially stunlock somebody, give it a cooldown 5 - Buff tank items 6 - Change zeds ability from his q to his w, so he summons an extra clone for standard attacks 7 - Make Draven move to catch his axes so he attempts to get out of melee(because of axe chasing) 8 - Change the Dragon passive to rare or Mythical creatures and add people like anivia/elise(replace demon) to it 9 - Buff Fiora or give her better tags 10 - Make ahri have better ability aiming 11 - Nerf gnar He does to much damage and is way to tanky 12 - Change Kassadin Early hes ridiculously strong, late he is ridiculously weak, not sure how to change it 13 - Make Varus use his ability faster, its incredibly slow and can lose you a round, an ability should never be worse than a standard attack 14 - Kindred ability Not sure if its bugged or really short timer, but even when the glowing circles still up, things still die Will add more as I think of them and edit~ ~Edit 1 Altered decks Made Clarity 5 clearer Removed Clarity 2
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