Aphelios: Hot Take!

From my testing with Aphelios in the Practice mode, I think he is an amazingly executed Character. While I haven't played any games with him yet _(so i can't really tell if he's TOO overpowered yet)_ I do believe that he is a great champion thus far. **What I like:** • Each Gun and Gun Combination has it's unique strengths while not being extremely overpowered on their own (barring some exceptions). • Despite what the youtubers are saying, you don't _really_ have 20 abilities all at once. You really have 2 Active Abilities and 2 Passives which you have to switch between (AKA you can't have both). • The off-hand gun's effect on the primary gun's active adds a lot of depth to the character, and if you set up correctly you can make extremely potent combinations. • Not the hardest champion to pick up (plays like a weird ADC if you play then for the first time), but probably a staple of high level play. • Abilities don't do damage on their own, but instead apply auto-attacks to those hit. Therefore, abilities do little damage if you do not build AD and Crit, so we won't have an issue with Aphelios being able to build too many types of items (from what I have seen). Aphelios seems like an extremely versatile pick that I foresee being extremely popular in high-level play. While he is intended to be an ADC, I can see him going mid lane due to his CC and good all-in potential with Severum's active. He also turns into a weird Heimerdinger with his Crescendum active. The following are each gun's strengths, and their best synergies (in my opinion) • **Calibrum:** Long ranged sniper, seemingly the most basic weapon in the bunch. The active is a long ranged skill shot that, if you hit, makes your next auto attack hit the target regardless of range. Seemingly pairs really well with **Severum**, mostly for the long ranged heal on the active. • **Severum:** Extreme sustain and a crazy powerful active. I see very few downsides with this weapon. Pairs well with **Gravitum** for an added slow during the active, or with **Infernum** for a little bit of AOE. • **Gravitum:** A gun that slows on hit, with an active that roots. A great gun for kiting. However, the active does not use an off-hand effect, so it can be paired with whatever you need most. • **Infernum:** A large AOE auto attack with an active that affects all hit with an off-hand effect. Paired with Gravitum, one will placed skill shot and you can root an entire team. Or, when paired with Severem, you heal for each person hit • **Crescendum:** A gun that is most powerful at close range, with a turret active that hits hard. You can also place multiple in preparation for a fight. Gravitum off-hand is a must have with this weapon, as the turrets slow your target so you can stay in range to auto them. Or you can pair it with Infernum for a lot of wave clear, or Severum for some long ranged healing. Paired with Calibrum, and the turret will activate the global auto attack, so it is perfect for long ranged poke. **What I'm Concerned About** • Severum's healing on Damage is _8%-25%_ of damage dealt with that gun (including off-hand effects). I feel like this may be a little too much healing for someone intended to be an Marksman, especially since most other marksmen start with only 3% lifesteal if the start with Doran's Blade. Perhaps it should be lowered a little bit so he doesn't out-sustain other laners. Maybe nerfing it to _5%-20%_ would be a bit more fair. Even though it does have limited usage, It I feel like the potency of the heal is extremely good. You can't always rely on the heal, however, since you may not have the gun, so it should be stronger than average, especially late game. • When using an ability, a gun's off-hand effect does not use up any ammo. I think this can be rather powerful considering how large of an effect the off-hand gun can have. I believe having the off-hand's ammo be consumed would make him a little bit more balanced, so he cant keep his Severum healing infinetly while cycling through his other guns. • Infernum seems to be rather overtuned with how it works, as it applies the effect's from other guns in an AOE _(and as stated above, it does not use up the ammo)_. Perhaps having your attack speed be a lot slower while using it would help, much like Jinx with her rockets. This way you can still have a large AOE attack, along with more damage and AOE spells, but you sacrifice attack speed. • Runaan's hurricane seems like a must, since all the added effects apply to all auto attacks, not just towards a single target (Calibrum's global range affecting Runaan's and its on-hits). I can for see this becoming a a problem, especially with off-hand Calibrum combinations that still proc the global range. This seems like a complex issue that may need to be worked out, • Severum's Onslaught seems extremely powerful, especially with Infernum, Gravitum or Crescendum off-hand. I think the numbers just need to be altered slightly, and possibly not target turrets. • Will most likely dominate high level play in a lot of positions due to the mechanics involved. • You can still use a gun's active even if you don't have 10 ammo. I believe being out of ammo should prevent you from using the active on that item. The main issue I would like addressed first his guns not using up Ammo when his abilities are used, despite them clearly using the gun's abilities. This could lead to you always having Severum's healing on all your abilities, or Calibrum global range. This would probably mean removing 1 ammo per every enemy hit (example: if 4 enemies are his by Infernum's active while Severum is in off hand, it would activate 4 times, therefore using 4 ammo). This would mean that Onslaught would use 10 ammo from both the main hand and the off hand, making it an extremely powerful ability but also using up a lot of ammo. I also believe the off-hand effects should have lowered effectiveness (on a case by case basic) as some off-hand effects can be more potent than others. The abilities he has right now seem extremely similar to other champions, like Gravitum's passive having a 30% decaying slow, while Ashe's passive having a 20%-30% slow. I think the passive effects are a little too potent, even if they are not up all the time. Additionally, come late game, and some off-hand effects become as strong as autos, so having turrets with Crescendum as well as auto attacking practically doubles your damage output. I think the following changes may help keep some of the guns a bit more Balanced overall (though these would need testing) • **Calibrum:** Global Range doesn't activate Runaan's Hurricane at global Range • **Severum:** Lowered Healing as to not out-heal other laners too much early game • **Gravitum:** Lower slow early game, maybe only 15%. Instead, could deal lower critical hit damage. • **Infernum:** Lowered Attack Speed. • **Crescendum:** Extremely potent with certain off-hands. Perhaps lower the active's damage and effect potency. Aphelios is a complex champion, and requires a lot of work to get right. There is no way just nerfing his damage alone will make him balanced if he is overpowered. He must be fine tuned extremely well.
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