10 Ban System (Alternate Suggestion)

10 bans in regular play coming soon
Starting in patch 7.11, the ban phase for all draft Summoner's Rift modes will feature five bans per team instead of three. We'll be rolling the feature out to all regions throughout the patch. As a heads up, we'll be upping the number of owned champions required to play ranked from 16 to 20.
I really like the new system, but you could also make it so something like 2 people on both teams ban first, then the next 2 on both teams, then last ones on both teams. It still keeps the same amount of time it takes to ban champions now with the "Snake System" still. It would allow some meta picks to still be banned while offering counter pick options to each team as well. Unless the goal was to shorten the banning phase time all together. This is pretty much just another suggestion to give a thought about for part of the new banning system.
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