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Good Evening Community, i started reading on these forums and noticed that there is no Collection Thread for the Irelia rework. So please use this post to bring out your feedback, concerns and bug-sightings onto the devs. But please remember to keep the discussion **civil**, even if there is someone who has a completely different point of view on things as you may have, it is still valuable feedback provided to ensure this rework will be off to a good start on the liver servers next month. So, without further ado i will start by gathering some feedback i found in the forums, on reddit and discord, as well as from people on the pbe which i played with. ------- * Players enjoy the new Q-reset mechanic. It gives Irelia a dancer-ish feel and fits her theme perfectly. * Players like the new Ultimate as a tool of starting a teamfight, catching up to enemies or simply for the AoE Burst. Some would like to see the blades disperse or return to Irelia after the ability runs out. * Many people like Irelias new E ability as it allows them to play around with the enemy, potentially stunning and marking the entire enemy team. ---------------------- * Many people offered concern that Irelias AP ratios will push her into an ap-assassin/cc-Mage type of direction instead of her current bruiser/fighter type. Seeing as most players abuse her ap ratios right now i can totally see this translating onto the live server if not changed. Especially on her ultimate the initial ap ratio seems off, as you're basically throwing knifes at the enemy. No magic there riot. > To prevent this players suggested to cut the ap ratios by a good amount and turn them into ad **and** ap ratios, or buff the basedamage of the respective spells by a certain amount to balance things out. Especially the W needs to be looked at, due to it being a 100% DR at just 350 AP for 2sec roughly every 7 seconds. To give you an idea what i am talking about, the player LadyVash made a small list of her damage output if you build ap on Irelia *[(]* * Something a lot of players said that her Q feels slow (animation-wise) and heals for too little. > If built like a bruiser there isn't much selfheal-gain from her Q ability in teamfights, seeing as you will use it perhaps ten times in a fight (at best), which will amount to ~200-350 heal gained, scaling with how many damage items you are able to build before going tanky. Based on that i dare to say, that the selfheal from Irelias kit got severely gutted compared to the pre-rework irelia. * Many players miss the true damage component on the new Irelia. It was a core part of her old kit and made her a solid fighter. > I will get to that in a sec. See below. * Many players reported that Irelias passive has no synergy with the rest of her kit and feels out of place. > Compared to her old passive i would say anything is an improvement, however you could make half of the damage at four stacks convert into true damage (which would amount to 48 true damage and 48 magic damage on-hit) as it does make kind of sense to be a thread for anyone on the enemy team if you manage to get your stacks going. * Many players reported that Irelias W spell feels out of place, seeing as it doesnt really fit the theme of a dancer-ish fighter. > As for the W spell, the wish of many suggests that you'd lower the DR significantly and make it castable while moving, or let the damage from her W mark or at least slow the targets hit. ------------------- Now onto some bugs i found while testing on the PBE * The player Vandiril posted a video on Youtube showing that Irelias E sometimes deals damage in a straight line all over the map. See the respective video here [] * There seems to be an issue with Bladesurge to be cast twice when pressing the button a tad bit too long. This was especially disruptive during the first few games i made with her (as i accidentally double-cast the ability A LOT). > Perhaps there could be added a slight cooldown (0,25 sec maybe) to prevent that. * There seems to be a graphic issue with the model when getting knocked away by poppy ult or jayce E while having her W ability active (model runs in-air, looks weird). * There seems to be an issue with Bladesurge not triggering some on-hit effects (mainly Guinsoos and her passive damage). *There seems to be a bug where the cooldown on Bladesurge would be reset when killing an adjacent minion (not the surged-on minion) with a tiamat-procc. I am not sure if this is intended, but i dont think so. * MakosEUNE mentioned that there seems to be a bug with Bladesurge not triggering the Conqueror Rune and making it unable to be procced until the buff fades. Triggering it with an autoattack afterwards seems to work. [] ---------------- That's it for tonight. I will try to keep this post updated as frequently as i can. Feel free to post your Feedback, Bugs or opinion in here as it is the best way for the devs to work with us - the playerbase. *Edit 1: Added positive Feedback as well as a new bug concerning Irelia's E ability.
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