Nexus Blitz (specifically Bardle Royale mechanics)

Before I discuss what happened let me start by saying I am completely open minded when it comes to different game modes I love variety. SR ARAM TTL they are all fun hell , I miss dominion and OLD TTL. I wish we had rotating game modes still. When you play the same mode it gets stale just like anything. Continuing on.... I like what nexus blitz has to offer so far but there is one thing I felt was kind of broken (I could be just butt hurt about what happened who knows). The bardle royale event specifically. So the game was fairly even with no one holding a clear advantage. Everyone was level 6 and both teams were looking to skirmish. Meanwhile the event timer just started (I know what you're going to say, we should have waited the timer out to see what it was before inting) one out of place enemy teammate led to a kill and by the time it was all said and done we had aced and only lost one teammate. Our ults are all down mana depleted and health low. We do what anyone would do after an ace, push objectives in this case a tower. Then BAM event starts and I'll be damned if it isn't Bardle ROYALE WITH CHEESE! Enemy team is INSTANTLY revived and came in and took us down one by one. Prize? cursed effing minions. We end up losing our inhib after having no towers down when we died. From there it was GG. Now I'm not one to whine or cry or pitch a fit, but seriously? I feel like that's borderline hacking the instant revive for bardle royale isn't the problem imo. It's the fact that here you have a team most likely solo queue doing there best to coordinate and win. Then something as small as having wiped an entire team come back to bite you in the gluteus maximus. So after some thought I've come up with a couple solutions that would even fix some of the glitches that are occurring now. 1. When the even starts no matter what is going on EVERYONE (minions included) get warped back to base. You have a few seconds to purchase anything with the $ you may or may not have and you have to haul tail before fire ring. The middle of the map is ALWAYS the center. This eliminates several glitches (tower bardle, off map bardle, bardle points that are just absolutely in terrible positions for one team. 2. If riot isn't willing to budge on that first idea how about this. Bardle Royale starts same as normal everyone revives BUT anyone who was alive when it started instantly gets full HP and mana. In conclusion I don't DISLIKE bardle royale its fun and the idea works. I just think it needs some fine tuning. As I said before even tho the event timer is going off players will find themselves out of position or maybe a poker gets in a skill shot and takes someone out before the timer goes off. Dead person busy buying items all pissed off ready for revenge then BARDLE ROYALEEEEEEEEEEEE! They come back and wipe the entire team after being dead for 1 second. TLDR hope someone at rito agrees :)

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