Phantom dancer

With the update, phantom dancer was given a new feature that grants the user a shield (240-600) once you're strucken under 30% health. The problem about this is how it can't be utilized the way it was made for. It is well known that 30% health is already absurdly unsafe and if you think that you can use it to aid in "playing safe" as a marksmen, then you're sadly mistaken. Typically the shield could be seen as an additional form of temporary health before you die. In the eyes of that perspective, it doesn't fail to show how ineffective having just a few hundred points are when taking enough damage to fall under 30% (typical HP would be about 350). You can call it a simple form of "burst reduction", but at that point everyone is already able to burst hard enough to ignore the defence mechanism. So was the invention meant for the Marksmen? Or is the percentage HP/ shield number too low? All I can claim by experience is that it provides little to no significance and is definitely not meant for the marksmen- unless they're rushing sustain as their main goal/priority.
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