[Wider Discussion] Woke up really need a remake of Riot Games?

* WIPO officially entered the Land of Legendary League on July 26, 2011, from the time that Runettera seemed to be wild with all but the most ridiculous. General designed simple. After seven long years with the history of the meta-transformation and a dozen new mechanisms, the skill of Wukong has remained unchanged and revealed the obsolete in years. Which cause has pushed Wukong to this situation and whether the Vuong is the time should be remade or not, let us discuss the article below ... Wukong possesses a lack of inner depth Iron Guardian Wielder Increases armor by a nearby enemy hero, up to 40 Armor and Resistances on level 18, when standing in the middle of 5 enemy heroes. Play too attractive with a generous play rolls like Su Vuong do not? But the fact is that this is not so intrinsic ... From level 1 to level 6, while Darius's Dagger is causing regular and continuous damage as a mini-Duel, or Divergence for Garen, Iron only gives this monkey only ... 4 armor. This "great" figure is equivalent to ... a quarter of a fragile silk Giap Lua, or "attributed to paddy" is valid to ... 80Gold. Please allow the numbers here and do not say anything more, let you read and feel the same discussion ... The problem is not only that the stats are so bubbling at the beginning, that the Iron Man is too passive and the player has no way of interacting with it. Simply approaching enemy heroes and gaining a little resistance, that's all. Even those who play Wukong with high levels of proficiency do not even bother to consider whether the interior is working properly or not, or how to build equipment to take advantage of the interior. This effect ... The skill set is designed to be unattached Most of these generals are "re-directed" in the path of damage that Riot considers "the most powerful": Magic Damage in Percentage of Blood. Not too strong with the original damage to snowball to suffocate the enemy, but at the end of the battle still cause a steady and regular damage to the enemy when even ... no need to attack equipment. both. Mao Kai yes, Shen yes, Mundo yes, Cho'Gath also have notes, ... But the Vuong is still not look at how the time changed, how come the version of how to go. Looking back on the skill set of Wukong: purely physical damage. Some people may argue that the Hound of the Warlord can still deal magic damage, but with high repulsion, it only uses this attack to deal regular damage in the URF. only. As a consequence, Wukong can only attack offensive stats and a little bit of the armor so that he can have a say with his output damage. But everything is so easy. The transcontinental index is "remade" into the force to fight the killer snowball, and Wukong also must bear the consequences. All generals on the road with Wukong will be on the first Ninja Shoes against him; and the monkey needs two pages to be killed in the middle of the battle to penetrate the 30 basic armor of the entire 1100Gold. And from this point on, all other generals do more damage than the Vampire King - both mixed damage and% health, while Wukong is trapped between attacks and is not strong enough to buy items of resistance. not finished. Now is the time to take a serious look at this monkey's skill set. An invisibility skill to access or withdraw from combat, a skill that traps the prey and the rest of the skill is a very powerful sub-target. It is difficult to relate to a role other than a killer. . While the last spin of the Tornado caught him playing in the direction of the gladiator - with the right to strike the middle of the opponent to achieve maximum effect? All gladiators have a threshold of mutation power at the time of possession of the last move, but the way that Wukong is designed to make me really skeptical about it. At level 6, the spell causes up to 20 basic damage per second (and the addition of SMCK is only 110%) - equivalent to Master Yi's Wuju Martial Arts at level 1. If there are no conditions to damage multiple targets such as in ARAM, this is the last one that is really lacking in single combat. A Darius with a Normal Attack Rating of 5 points only deals more damage than the "tantalizing" design. Into the fight, the situation is not much better than how. Whirlwind only throws the opponent in the first hit, while there are a dozen mechanisms out of its influence such as surfing skills, not being selected as untargetable or simply Speed Slider . Tornadoes do not even provide the form of resistance to Wukong. Meaning that if caught under the control while shooting-hands-strong, the Vuong stood still rotation end only looks like a baby monkey playing Doremon bamboo with decorative effect map . Disturbed "small but not small": the real role of Wukong? BestWukongUrganda - an impatient young man who climbed up the Diamond Virtue with the Virtue, regardless of the meta, posed a question mark on Reddit: "I've hit a million points with Wukong, and I really do not understand the location. What is the new suit for this general? 99% of the games I play, I can only full damage to Wukong, because if there is no resistance to any effect; While some guys like Irelia, Darius can still be on a dozen tanks and fake faces who dare to despise them. " Absolute loss in the raffle on the road The push of sharing of BestWukongUrganda is not unreasonable. Can you be overwhelmed by "Waxing gank stamps in the legend" is rumored blamed on the low rankings, with the burning of the road and the mass murder? Do you think it is simply "farm to wait" and the team is cool at the end of the battle? Try the road with the "play" players a bit (Diamonds poured up for example), and they will give you a bucket of cold water on that blind faith! The purely out-of-the-box melee skill of Wukong does not allow him to play on the field or overtake any other upper generals - as Fiora or Riven does. For example, a Darius, you go to attack Crane Van and try to withdraw with the bird. Sounds simple enough and that is absolutely safe? Wait a minute, if he pulls your neck with Hold. Now what can you do? The sure answer is: NO. All your skills are back in time, and you only know how to duck head to death, while Darius is trying to teach you a lesson about daring to touch him. Everything could end up with a stupidly rotten Stinger to escape the reach of the Noxus Cutler, or stop the fencer and pick up the equipment in the next tenth-grader screen. This is not just a matter with Darius, but in most cases everything will happen in the same way. Desperate to find a way out in the forest   To write here should have a few readers will this idea: why not try "drop monkey to the forest"? Instead of wrestling (or rather saying "eat onions") with all sorts of monsters on the road, Wukong will only be in the woods with animals, farm 6 or wait for the team. A scene is too dreamlike ... until you look at the reality ... In the professional leagues, Riot had to speed up the pace of the game, most notably the reduction in the number of head shots - mainly from Shining Stone and Dao. Hunting. The generals go gank the strongest battle will be more offensive spur; The waiters can not guarantee that they will farm safely without eyeballs at the entrance to the forest. And of course, the fast movers will have more time to do it. Now is the time to look back on the tragedy of Wukong. Regardless of the damage done to the target and the speed of attack, the King still consumes too much blood and energy to clear the forest (using the prey to protect the damage can be a good idea, but when you do not I do not know if it is blue. As a result, when you have finished eating 3-4 monsters, the other forest guy has ... cleaned the whole forest and faced the "edge" of the road next to you, or the detector went to "ask". Observe both the ball and the shadow. Can you tell yourself that you are a high-level jungle, able to read the jungle location at any time and clean the forest-no scratches? That's fine, so let's go out and gank with him. There is no control effect except that the gong of the Vanguard depends on the amount of slowing from the Red Tail / Sword. That is, if the other passer-by was not so naive as to push the high-ranking soldiers out of bluff when he had no vision around him, there was not really much chance for Wukong to have a point of defeat before he Back to the "safe area" of the ... After all, is it time for Wukong to be remade? Perhaps the issues raised in the article will make the "Best-Wuk-No" heartbreak, but the position of the United Kingdom in the League of Mysteries is now facing the problem is really difficult to solve. It was time for this monkey to receive a comprehensive "overhaul" from Riot; And if so, how do you hope to become a General? Or is it still better?
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