Clash on PBE - we need your help tracking down a bug!

NO LONGER RESPONDING TO COMMENTS HERE. Now we are here: Hey everyone, I’m Riot MoreChrono, and I’m the lead QA on [Clash](, the upcoming tournament mode for League. **I’ll cut to the chase: we’re trying to track down an impactful bug that prevents some players from entering champ select, and we need a lot of players to test the core game flow. ** Clash is a mode that requires a lot of new tech on our side, and we want to keep the mode as competitive and stable as possible. This champ select issue was one of the most impactful bugs we saw during the tests we ran last year. We’re going to run a one-day Clash tournament on **[Thursday 25th January at 18:00 (6 PM) Los Angeles time (PT) ](**to get as much information as we can, and we need your help! **To sign up for the Clash test:** 1. Get 5 players together and create your team in-client (via the Competitive tab) any time from now until 18:30 PT on Thursday. -- If you don’t have 4 friends on PBE, drop by the [PBE Discord]( and pick up your missing members! 2. **Check in 30 minutes before the tournament begins - between 18:00 and 18:30 (6 - 6:30 PM) Los Angeles time (PT)**. 3. Scout your opponents, if you want! 4. Play your games (you are guaranteed to play 2 games). 5. Give us feedback in the [PBE Discord](, or let us know if you encounter any other bugs. Super important note: we have disabled many features (tickets, matchmaking tiers, rewards, team restrictions). The matches will be unbalanced, there will be some missing elements in the UI, and this version of the mode won’t be like the full launch. We really want to make sure we track down this bug in particular as early as possible so we can fix it. Thanks everyone! {{champion:117}} (I love Lulu, just so everyone knows) P.S. Shoutout to Catman and everyone on the PBE Discord for helping me out. **Known Issues** - Team invites not appearing when sent - Sometimes you will send out invites for people to join the team and they won't show up. Best thing for the player receiving the invite to do is click off the Competitive Tab and then click on it again (the old "turn it off and back on again" trick) - When making changes to information on the team screen you might see some lag with it updating. Don't worry, it definitely updated, it's just laggy. - **If you created a team on Tuesday evening, you may need to recreate that team**.

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