Riot NERF Zed Clones please/ not normal you have 20 Zed clones in a battle against you!

Dear Riot Please give Zed a maximal CAP to create his shadow. Players abusing this so many times in ranked with items and win like this. This is clearly unfair and for me the same as if someone is using a cheating, sorry. Its not normal that one Zed created 10 clones and kill all your champions. I had a game i had 4 Level 3 Champions and the better team combo than the enemy. But an enemy had 2 lvl 1 Zed on field with Items on him and abused his power. At the end of the ballte i had 20 Zed clones vs me. This should really not be the way to win a game. Give zed a max cloning cap. Liek he can only creaty 2 clones of him self and not more. And i dont know if is a bug but when they put {{item:3107}} on zed, they have endless heal every time when a zed clone is low they heal. Thanks Regards Drako

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