Why does Kaisa's E get lower in duration as you levelup and buy items?

By Kaiseas E i mean only the first part where she gets movespeed and cannot attack.Kaisas E becomes 0.75s late game from 1.5s early game. Being invisble for 0.5 isn't even enough to reposition and surprise enemy. Its like a worse version of Vayne ultimate tumble with a much longer cooldown and less time to cover any meaningful distance before you can be seen again. Its like your E is getting nerfed for leveling it up and buying attackspeed. We get it Kaisa cant attack when E is charging but the small duration as game goes on feels actually worse as it just doesnt give enough time to reposition. Plus i want the invisibility to last entire duration of E, not just the first 0.5s. Please dont make her E lower than 1s.
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