minor TFT wish changes :3

hey there, i write with a support riotler chause of some bugs and addons, i'm starting with the bug i dont know if the auto attack bugs has been fixed for example if veigar ult he went brain afk, happens often to me well and the rest of the bugs has been fixed now the wish list i want to have: 1:the biggest and maybe the best thing, having a bigger draw pool, i saw many many times that you start with a unit and if you can buy units almost everyone have the same unit to begin with... this kinda so sucks, soo a bigger start pool would be better, 2:bring back champions if someone dies!: if the champion comming back into the pool after someone died, it would be great to get em back from the shop, I know sounds to game changing or a instand win for someone who's far far away on the first place, but i had some games where i couldn't finish T1 units what's kinda sad. 3:choosing skins for each champion, but you need the skin for the champion, just to bring some colours in the game, maybe you can choose the skins in the tft clientpage 4: buff a bit the dragon with maybe 200more hp but a 100% item drop chance, he is the stronger monster in this game and it should be defently rewarded with a item. 5: NERF THE GLACIAL'S!!: the stun chance + duration of 2.5sec is waaay to high, i mean you can spam 6 glacial's and upgrade a assasin or draven to a glacial and you have almost won the game, put a kayle in there and you're basicly invinsible. soo that's all i have to say, thanks for reading this post and i apologize my terrible english {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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