Feedback of Battle Academia Icons

When i saw Jayce's icon i thought "WOOW, Seems like a real anime!, a good anime"... and i was excited to see others! Ezreal is so cool! and looks in the same style that Jayce! and have a real Aura of a principal character... but... My problem was when i saw Katarina... and Lux....{{sticker:sg-lulu}} Both seems in a different style... aren't like jayce or Ezreal, maybe Miss looks a little like ezreal but... Lux... seems really weird to me... So, i was hoping if i could do a Feedback of Lux's Icon!... Is just an example! i change some things that i think are better in other way.... Cause, the problem that i saw on Lux's icon was the Hair, the neck, the ears and the crown. was mading look her really out of style (comparing her to jayce ezreal and katarina) * The problem with the neck was it was looking too tiny, Comparing with Katarina's icon, Katarina has a Less sized head, so, the neck seems more thicc, but lux's head is bigger than Katarina's head, so, i made the neck more thicc. * The problem with the ears.... doesnt fit with the Shonen style comparing to Ezreal and Jayce... I know that she is a Girl, but, the ears are too tiny, and simple, and, i didn't show it more, i just put the ears closer to the head, * The problem with the Hair was that it was looking too flat and without "life", Battle Academia Lux have a really goor Hair style, so, i tried to make it more "Exactly" in an Icon way. And i use it to cover the ears, cause in hers splash art, she doesnt show a lot her ears cause hair style. * And the problem of the crown was simple... Lux doesnt have anything over the hair... she have that type of crown on the sides, so i made it tinier and i cover a little with the Hair. I was thinking to put the ribbon, but... i didn't want to change it a looot, and actually, i painted her trying to make a "Anime icon style" but, i didn't have luck. That's why, is just an example~ I really want to see the icon updated, cause... if the icon will be not free... i want to help to make it better {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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