ARURF Available for Testing!

Hello Friends! We’re going to be enabling ARURF on the PBE for testing, starting very shortly. **Up front: ARURF is not coming back in 9.18.** We are planning to bring it back later in the year, though, and since we're in a calmer testing window to ensure things are stable for Worlds, figured now would be a great time to get well ahead of any possible issues. In terms of what's new, we’ve made a few small tuning changes to address issues we saw in the last run, as well as a few tweaks under the hood to how we balance champions. We want your help to make sure everything is working as intended and to watch for any new outliers that might need some help, so that when we bring the mode back later this year, we’ll be in great shape. In addition to the below, we're also holding onto the changes from the last round of ARURF (cannon, super drakes, etc): **Champs** * Pyke’s healing reduced (100% >>> 80%) * Pyke‘s damage reduced (100% >>> 95%) * Sona’s healing reduced (100% >>> 82%) **Systems** * Elder Dragon now spawns at 9 minutes, rather than 5 minutes. * Elder Dragon buff reduced at base and empowered. We think the cannon dramatically increases the amount of time buff holders actually use the buff in fights (versus rotating around the map), and don’t want securing Elder buff to be the only strategy teams can win with. * Base duration 150 seconds >>> 120 seconds * Empowered 300 seconds >>> 180 seconds * Turret plating now has a range of health values, skewing easier to take the first few plates * Each turret plate 1k health >>> 500 -1500 health based on the plate * Turret plates value have increased to greater reward early lane aggression compared to map objectives. * 160 gold (660 for all 4) >>> 300 gold **Runes** * Transcendence * Bonus CDR activation level: 10 >>> 15 * Adaptive Force for over capped CDR: 2 >>> 0.5 * Gathering Storm * Increment interval: 4.5 >>> 6 We think there’s likely plenty of other champions and runes that could use a look that might be more apparent with a few of the most obvious issues addressed. We hope to see you in a few test games, and we’ll be watching this thread for questions and concerns. Thanks!
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