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If you clicked this link, then that means you're interested. Well, I'm going to be blunt and straight forward about it. League is always changing, but within the PBE, they do not experiment enough. You will see maybe a nerf to an entire category followed by rebalancing them and maybe some item shifting, but you don't see the gameplay getting altered in any form and it becomes VERY... dull. So you're probably going to say, "Well if you're so great and mighty, what would you do to make it better?" Well I'm glad you asked. You see, league has great features already like URF, All for one, Tower defense, etc. But what about Normal game play? You see, the main problem starts with the Characters/Champions. Yes I said it. League, you need to open up a selective breed of build opportunities. Okay.. Lem'me explain the rundown. Remember in the good old' days where you didn't have to build a specific item or where you didn't have to max a specific ability just to play? That's right. I'm talking about bringing exactly that, back. Make it so everyone can play and utilize the same build equally efficient. Make it so Marksmen can build like a bruiser, and do the damage and sustain a bruiser can do. Make it so tanks can pull off AP damage. Change it so Assassins can be just as efficient building crit. Look, all I am saying is that league has become one of those game who have become so basic, so nullifyingly simply that once you play one game, you've played them all and the second game is numbing. Its literally a run down of who gets gold the fastest. Not any other form to winning ... let alone playing it and that's not fun. That holds no form of strategizing. I mean, just look at it this way. League is structured by who pick what if not determined by skill level. What I mean is, if the enemy team is all AD, then taking the champion Ramus and building him full tank will ultimately grant your team the win specifically because no one can do enough damage in the team fights. (The funny part about this is, if the enemy team is AP, they will always do a ton of damage because you'll end up taking Galio and building only 3.5 items that grant enough MR to actually provide some form of tanky AP resistance. {{item:3194}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3193}} ) What if we made it so every tower, inhibitor and nexus were able to be targeted instead of 1 by 1? but you know... heavier resistances and higher HP deeper into the base if the first tower isn't destroyed. There has to be another way to win the game. Like instead, your team gets 26 kills total, first tower in each lane is immediately destroyed, 50 for next tier, and 75 for Nexus turrets. (remember, we're talking about freely earned tower takedowns here) Or like, a really expensive item has been bought and needs to repeat/stack/ bought again (blank many of times) to win the game because, "stalemate". I mean, baron no longer makes it so the buff is a game ender. Just kill the champion... Different objectives could definitely make the game unique and quite possibly alter the way one is able to win the game. "You used to be different. You've once offered choice, but decided it wasn't good enough for you. No, absolutely everything had to be chiseled into stone."

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