Toxicity on PBE.

Hello So i was in this game and the whole game this toxic Jax started pummeling his keyboard for getting a matchup against Heimer on top, and to top it off, all game he was just blabbing on about how we should jump from a window, die from cancer, and such. Riot i swear to god if i don't see these 2 player get punished (preferably perma banned, because i get a little bit of saltiness but this is way over the line), it would just prove that noone can get banned on PBE. Yuh and Akali was AFK for 5 minutes and i won lane and then she started flaming at the end of the game too. Unfortunately, i do not have screenshots during the game, only in the end screen, but it would serve as enough proof of the amount of toxicity of these two idiots. > Thank you Riot Light!
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