Irelia Order of the Lotus error

So, I don't think anyone else noticed this, but there's a littler error(I don't know hoe else to describe it) on the client version of Irelia's Order of the Lotus skin splash art. It came with the last tweaked version of it that went to the PBE. There's a weird gradient line on the edge of the right side:[/img] I don't know how that came in, when the other previous 2 versions on the PBE didn't had it. There's a bigger version of it, this very last minute tweaked/updated one, on Irelia's champion reveal page, that doesn't have that: You could just cut that into 1215x717, and there, a perfect flawless one. I don't understand why that wasn't the case. I know it's minor and not really something most people notice, but... It also takes like 2 minutes to change, and can bring me some peace lol. Also, League Displays still has the outdated versions for this skin and Infiltrator Irelia.
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