Skin Collections Tab: Skin Descriptions Feature Feedback

Hey all! We’re really excited to announce that starting in patch 8.2 we’ll be rolling out Skin Descriptions for the Skins Collection Tab. When we set out to make a new skin, we think a lot about how it fits into the skin’s alt-universe, what the champion’s background might be, and who the champion is in this universe. These conversations and character building inform everything about a skin, from the VFX, SFX, the recall, and of course the splash. Sometimes we’ve shown you these stories through animations, comics, or short stories, etc… but a lot of times that background story remains head-canon and never leaves our brains...which is a shame. We want to start showing you more skin related ‘lore’ and background information, and adding descriptions to skins is one step in doing that. We DO try to surface these background snippets in the splash or in-game elements and sometimes we succeed (Omega Squad skins). A lot of ya’ll picked up on the backstory of how Omega Squad Teemo lost his mentors and became the battle hardened Yordle psycho we know. But sometimes we fail, like with the Immortal Journey skins. Did you know that Eternal Sword Master Yi was in love with an ascended being who guarded the Sacred Sword (*cough Janna not Shen*)? No? Well, if you did it was probably because you followed me on Twitter or saw my responses here. We didn’t do a very good job of telling that background story, unfortunately. We hope with this small addition to the Skin Collection tab we’re able to give players who love skins a little bit more into the world they live in. In the future, we’ll also be adding the ability to sort by Skin Universe (did you know Project and Program share the same universe?) As we have close to 1,000 skins in the game, categorizing and ordering them is going to be an ongoing process. Sometimes we have to go deep into the past: what was the backstory with Dark Candy Fiddlesticks? Did one exist? So this will take some time. But with each patch we’ll be adding a few more until we’re all caught up. With this initial batch, we focused on our biggest thematic sets, but you’ll be seeing a lot more shortly. Do you have thoughts or feedback on the Skins Collection Tab? Let Riot Jedahs (Skin Collection Tab producer) and me (Skins producer) know! :)
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