Diana Changes- Why is she being changed this way?

I think I speak for most Diana players when i say currently the most fun way to build and play Diana is as an AP Assassin. Removing all of the attack speed gain from her passive and e takes away such a massive portion of her damage and on top of it all you nerf her q ap ratios? Without any attempt at compensation buffs? I'm sorry but for transparency's sake I really think you need to browse the Diana reddit or something or just tell players the direction you think she should go in and receive feedback BEFORE you go ahead and make super drastic nerfs like this. She won't be played as a spell weaving mage she will still be played as a diver unless you rework almost her entire kit. Suggested Changes: If you find the assassin Diana play style to be too unhealthy when its good then why not just give her a way out of fights or some sustain like a heal on e passive if you hit an enemy with 3 abilities consecutively? besides her small shield and some stronger base stats (since she gets bullied out of lane anyways) and then hit her q with the same ap ratio nerf you had up. 0.8 to 0.6 i believe.
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