[TFT] Assassins and melee carries aren't viable.

The discussion is about late game fights obviously, since those are the only ones that matter. Assassins - Half the time they don't / can't jump on carries regardless of how you position your team. - The half time they jump next to a carry, they often attack the tanks anyway. ??? Assuming equal number of levels and items, the result is always the same. The carries (adcs and mages) survive for a few seconds and start gibbing everything on the screen. Melee carries (blademasters, graves...) are even worse. - They just casually walk toward the enemy tanks and instantly get stunned and die LOL. Doesn't help that most of them have terrible base stats. Reminds me of LoL season 1-2 where melee carries were equally awful. Either way, you need to revisit the target selection and follow up systems and base stats if you ever want damage melee champions to be played at all competitively.
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