So u want to buff Zed's R

So a Zed buff is now on the PBE, his R cd lowered from 120/100/80 to 120/90/60 As a Zed main with over 600k points, I'm rly gald a buff is on its way to my main, because he's actually in a rly bad spot right now. especially with the stopwatch meta. On the other hand, I feel like his _**R cd is fine, it can be used in every teamfight after getting the 40% cdr and does not need to be buffed.**_ Riot also said that the reason why buffing Zed isn't easy, is that he is "broken" in low elo but struggling in high elo, so he needs a buff that doesn't make him perma banned in low elo, but helps him out in higher elo. Well, R cd buff is only gonna help him in low elo, since bronze and silver players just love to fight so much, and not useful at all in higher elos, because 80 sec cd with 40% cdr (48 sec) can be used in every teamfight and does not need to be reduced. Allow me instead to point out 2 things that I, personally, suffer from when playing Zed: - Zed has a weak laning phase, the reasons for that imo are the very high cd on his main trading ability in lane (W: 22 sec), and the very high energy cost of his abilities in early levels (W-E-Q combo costs 165 energy at lvl 3, 155 at lvl 6, only 30 energy restored if 2 Qs were hit, while Zed has total of 200 energy). - In late game Zed usually starts teamfights by assasinating the carry with W-E-Q-AA combo (with duskblade and passive) and ulting another target. Now this works fine as long as u hit the 2 Qs, because u restore a tiny bit of energy and can still be usefull in the fight. But miss 1 Q and u become useless, nor do u kill the carry, nor can u do anything else because u have no energy left. My personal openion on _**what can be buffed on Zed**_: - W cd early levels. - Abilities' energy cost, OR BETTER, other ways for Zed to restore energy (For example: Passive: + new effect: when procced Zed restores X amount of energy). I hope other {{champion:238}} players read this post and contribute on how can Zed be buffed, because R cd buff is just not gonna help him at all.
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