[TFT] My feedback/toughts about champions

Well... Sorry about bad english and all. I'm here to say what I think would be changed / improved about champions. So let me know if you Agree with some. leave you coment / upvote / downvote. First of all. I believe the skills need some CD. its kinda annoying some characters can cast his skill 3~5 times in a few seconds. **T1 Champions: ** {{champion:86}} Garen: AoE + Immunity to magic. Something I feel kinda broken, I suggest it to be -50% magic damage {{champion:122}} Darius: Almost Good. Immoble when casting skill break his legs {{champion:82}} Mordekaiser: Compared to his counterparts ( champions above ), he is very weak. Has less HP, doesn't hit much targets and doesn't have any "defensive" bonus. My suggestion is to change his skill to his passive and give a little shield when cast. {{champion:18}} Tristana: Prioritize his attacks to the target she used the skill should be nice, its annoying when it casts on one and attack the other **T2 Champions:** {{champion:103}} Arhi: Improve his skill focus and range check, its a shame when she casts his skill in someone immoble and doesn't hit because had no range. {{champion:98}} Shen: I feel his skills takes so much to cast. lower a bit the seals for the jutsu **T3 Champions:** {{champion:102}} Shyvana: I really don't understand much that skill. It dashes strangely and get ranged for damage. I suggest it to becomes more frontline and a devasting dragon than a firebreather -> when transforms dashes forward the enemy team dealing damage on the fly {{champion:78}} Poppy: Increases how much enemys hit with the skill per level. **T4 Champions:** {{champion:119}} Draven: Lower it bonus or increase his tier. Broken champion. {{champion:84}} Akali: Worst T4 unit IMO. I suggest change its skill to his ult in the LoL ( dashing and dealing damage to the lowest health enemy ) So, thats what I believe would be changed IMO. For my experience with this game. The champions I haven't said is I haven't tested much or would be fixed with the CD for skills. Thanks your attention {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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