Personnal PBE Feedback - Week #3

Dear Riot Games, Here are my thoughts about the latest new LoL stuff: New Health Bar: Too big/compact, can be disturbing but our eyes will fit this fast I hope. Project Jhin 87/100 Project Vayne 96/100 Project Vi 65/100 (maybe change the recall) Choose your loadout message + new time bar really good Neo PAX Sivir: Give her a recall Cutthroat Graves: Change particles on abilities or reduce skin's price Warring Kingdoms Garen: Insane 90/100 El Macho Mundo: Same 92/100 Chroma on El Macho Mundo? Zoe: Really fun and interesting to play (maybe just put more CD on her ultimate) Cyber Pop Zoe: Goes well with the theme but I do prefer the classic skin (especially the hair) Thx for reading, even if its not really developped Bye.
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