Low priority and official website feedback issues

In the PBE forum, it didn't work. Going to the RIOT website to solve the problem, SUBMIT didn't have any reaction at all. I don't know why it is so difficult to solve a problem. 9/23 I quit from the game because of network reasons (it didn't connect) and then I hang up, no problem, but I played no more than 40 games or low priority today. https://imgchr.com/i/uIrc0e https://imgchr.com/i/uIrffI https://imgchr.com/i/uIrgTH https://imgchr.com/i/uIrRkd https://imgchr.com/i/uIrWtA https://imgchr.com/i/uIr51P https://imgchr.com/i/uIr4pt
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