Mini rework on Kayle >.<

I have been a Kayle main for the last 4 years( actually ... my whole league career) and I am completely sure those changes will make her way weaker and even less played then she is now. First of all, by giving her range at 7 u might help her laning phase but she will lose her farming power by taking out her aoe( which is basically useless at 11 taking in consideration the fact that most of the games might be over by that time) Secondly, by removing her true dmg on the third rank you guys are just crippling her even more because she lost her aoe therefore less cs so she gets her 2 basic items later in the game( nashor and guinsoo), without which she will still be a "minion" even with her range attacks If you really want to make her playable you can keep the idea of switching her rank 1 with her second rank but in the same time leaving the third rank in the same state as she is right now. It wont make her necessary better but at least you wont make her worst as it is right now on pbe. Hope you will look over how those changes you do are afecting her
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