Detailled Feedback on Nexus Blitz 2.0 compared to Nexus Blitz 1.0

[Hi there]( Im back with more Nexus Blitz feedback after ~50 Games. I played over 150 Games in Nexus Blitz 1.0 [old feedback thread here]( I loved the old Nexus Blitz even though it still needed a good amount of polish, so in this thread I will take a look at the changes and what makes Nexus Blitz 2.0 better or worse while following a structure similiar to my first post. Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion. Feel free to share your opinion constructively and have a nice discussion. Also keep in mind that ~90% of my games where jungle. I will focus on gameplay aspects and not take champion/item/rune balance into account. I will mention bugs if noticed but not really talk about them since theyll ~~hopefully~~ obviously get fixed. Im not a native speaker so please dont mind mistakes. I will call Nexus Blitz 1.0 NB1 and Nexus Blitz 2.0 NB2. **TL;DR** Map quality increased some things are better some things are worse compared to the old Nexus Blitz. still deserves to be permanent. __________________ **Events:** Sudden Death: Quality of this Event increased. Death timers during sudden death are reduced now, this is a great change that I criticized the last time. In NB1 you could watch your team losing the game with 50+ seconds dead. Now during sudden death its ~15 seconds and you still have a chance to comeback (and I already lost games to enemy comebacks due to this low death timer and its still much more fun than it was in NB1). Bardle Royale: Nothing to say here compared to NB1. King of the Hill: Nothing to say here compared to NB1. Loot Teemo: Nothing to say here compared to NB1. Push the Cart: Nothing to say here compared to NB1. Scuttle Race: The way the Scuttles have to move due to the map changes is a bit awkward but I will talk about this map layout thing later. When a scuttle is killed, it now takes longer to get back to full hp. So if a team has less CC they can compensate this with more dmg to prevent the scuttle from moving. Thats a good thing. Snowball Fight: Thanks a lot for removing this event. URF Death Match and the Arena: I really dont like these two events. Thats because NB is about fast gameplay. These events break the whole game flow, they just pull you out of everything thats happening at the moment (clearing jungle camp, killing an enemy, 5v5 Teamfight and so on). While URF Death Match is not as bad, the Arena event even forces you to wait and watch other players play the game. I get the point of the spotlight thing. But still it breaks the whole feeling of a fast game mode with constant action. Im sure many people like these events but in my honest opinion game modes that displace you and pull you out of whatever youre doing at the moment should not be part of Nexus Blitz. Additional thoughts on Arena: As far as I understood its supposed to be a 2v2 followed by a 2v2 followed by a 1v1. But most of the time this is not the case and I have no idea what is intended behaviour and what is not in this event. I had serveral games where the winning 2 players stayed in the arena to fight the next enemies or even a 2v1 in the third skirmish so our last person didnt even play. Another time this somehow resulted in 4 fights instead of 3 where we won 2 skirmishes and the enemy team also won 2 but we lost the event. Apart from that even if groups of this event are balanced around gold earned this is far from being balanced and if this event appears to be the first in minute ~4 it often happens that some players didnt reach level 6 yet and have no ult while having to fight players that already are level 6. Additional thoughts on URF Death Match: Except from the first problem mentioned, this event is fun, but still has unfun parts. Due to the fact that everyone has 3 lives, this event can take up to serveral minutes. To ensure youe death you will just get random true damage if youre alive for too long. Again I have no idea if this is intended behaviour but I also had serveral games where I just got true damage after respawning. [And it wasnt a little as you can see here]( Dying due to being alive for too long is no fun. Id prefer the circly getting smaller here aswell forcing the players to collapse onto each other. Or, since I dont like this kind of event anyway, Id prefer an URF Bardle Royale. _______________ **Event Balance:** The events are more balanced now. No Bardle Royale behind 3 enemy turrets, no King of the Hill inside the enemy base when inhib turret is still alive (so far). Ive seen Bardle Royales ending inside an enemy turret but this only happened when my team was far ahead. It seemed pretty fair. _______________ **Rewards:** Blessing of Blitzcrank: Hooks dont feel so scripted anymore (you can actually dodge them). Feels better. Mega Ocean drake Regen (Blessing of Soraka in NB1): Nothing to say here compared to NB1. Guardians Angels (Blessing of Zilean in NB1): Nothing to say here compared to NB1. Blessing of Caitlyn: Damage was way too high, you couldnt interupt minions. Felt way too strong. Couldve been nerfed, but Riot removed it. I dont really mind though. Blessing of Khazix: I liked it, too bad it was removed. BF Shields (Blessing of Soraka in NB1): Already wrote a lot about this in my last post, nothing changed here so it still feels too strong. Catapult of Champions: Nothing to say here compared to NB1. Cursed Minions: Was pretty much replaced by Statikk Shock Statikk Shock: Has the same goal as Cursed Minions, but Statikk Shock's implementation is better! Battle Sled: Love it. But the combination of knockback range, hitbox (range of AoE) and damage is too powerful. Something should be reduced either keep the range of the AoE and reduce the damage our keep the damage and reduce the range of the AoE. Poro King: Nothing to say here, its okay as a reward but after the few times I saw this reward ingame, its HP seem a little too high. Mega Cloud Drake: Nothing to say here either, okay as a reward. ____________ **Event Timers:** Quoting myself from last post here: > I dont really get the point of the events spawning randomly inside a time span, cant see any advantage in this. The disadvantage though is that this can result in the last event start at 17:10 or even 17:20 and delay the sudden death. Id prefer fixed event times starten at 4:30 since this is the time that everyone should have reached level 6 even if the game went bad so far. So for 4 events it would be (just an example) 4:30, 8:30, 11:00, 15:00, 18:00 or with equal spans 4:30, 7:52.5, 11:15, 14:37.5, 18:00 but that arent nice numbers. I dont know how to feel about the reveal of the upcoming event 30 seconds before, I liked the surprise when suddenly everything got dark and Bardle Royale Paranoia started, for example. ____________ **Selection Mode:** In NB1 the big question was bans or no bans. I played 164 games and while at the beginning I really wanted bans I wasnt sure later. Maybe a fun mode shouldnt have bans but on the other hand I can now ban yasuo every game which is good. I think having bans feels a bit better but I wouldnt mind having no bans either. ____________ **Map Layout:** Put this to the bottom of the post because there is a lot to talk about. NB2 has many changes that need a side by side comparison. For a quick overview of what has change, heres a screen for you (NB2 on the left, NB1 on the right): **Topside Jungle: ** This one has greatly improved. The topside jungle feels clearer now, the walls arent as messy as before. The area around the now red buff (blue buff in NB1) has improved, the bushes are on both sides with a wall between it and the 2 bushes at the side of the herald pit were removed. The gameplay around red buff and herald feels better now. Only one thing I REALLY dislike on the topside jungle changes is, that the buff above the herald pit was removed. I played over 130 jungle games in NB1 and this buff was a great start for early skirmishes in a jungler 2v2, I really liked it. In NB2 both buffs are directly above a lane turning every try to get a buff into a 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5. At least in minute 2 when everyone is level 3 I prefered those 2v2 skirmishes over a 10 player team fight. I wouldnt mind a 3rd buff above herald pit, the old twisted treeline had a green and a grey buff for example. **Botlane:** Those awkard empty path between botlane turret and base were removed, they were absolutely pointless, so good change. Unfortunately with the introduction of a botside jungle (at least thats what I will call the area between the two lanes now) Riot the removed the small area below botlane that had the scuttle crab. But they kept the scuttle crab. And since there no fair middle in the botside jungle the scuttle could walk around, Riot decided to just throw the scuttle onto the middle of the botlane. It can pretty much only move in the red marked area: Its just very stupid, when you stay in the middle bush and attack it, it will just stuck between the middle and a side bush. Apart from that scuttle can block you and prevent you from entering the middle bush. Feels very bad. **Botside Jungle:** This is the biggest change when you compare NB2 to NB1 This is the change I dislike the most in NB2. While the walls in NB1 weren't perfect either, now its just way too much. There is no clear middle path left (making the scuttle race very awkward), the botlane is too far away and we already have enough jungle on topside, a 4th camp is nice but Id highly prefer a smaller implementation of a botside jungle. I made an example (I know it looks super stupid, I cant use photoshop, the "X" are camps, while the one in the middle on botside is a buff) that opens a path in the middle making the movement between lanes much easier and lifts up the botlane a bit closer to the rest of the map. Im not saying this is the way to go, just wanted to share a smaller alternative.
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