feedback about urf map

**Greetings galera, I would like to give my opinion on this all golden map of the URF, it contains a small problem probably for players with weaker computers, apparently those golden bush and etc, are making the game of many people crash soon after the screen of loading ends, I already wrote a post here complaining about this but I did not get an answer, in my opinion the riot could diminish those effects of the map that is what it does that only the map of the URF crash, I think that SKINS of map are very problematic and by default they should be disabled or else the riot option to disable it before the game starts, 'please make the riot note that these effects are crashing the game of many players, because if we will not have a big problem when arriving at the servers OPEN! and excuse me for the bad english...** {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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