PSA: the garen rework isnt scheduled to ship before 9.20 at the earliest

this just a gentle reminder, that this is a **TEST SERVER**, for the people who are losing their shit about the changes, and who take games on this server more serious than they should. to be honest, i wish riot would do crazy stuff like this a lot more on the PBE to see what works and what doesnt. even if this initial iteration of on-hits is overtuned, which im still not convinced about, there are likely 4 more patch cycles to keep iterating and working on it. there is no reason to immediately trash the whole rework, because the first version on the PBE had a few issues. both positive for the champion but also severe negative. i feel like this has to be said, considering some behavior that certain people display in reaction. im not making threats to quit the game, just because garen currently 1 shots himself on a rammus w, and you should stop getting mad over imbalanced games on this server as a whole, because no one is entitled to balanced or even fair games on here. if youre quing up for a game on the PBE remind yourself beforehand, that shit is expected to be bugged and broken.
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