Roulette suggestion

K... I like that roulette design and all. But I think somethings can be improved and I'm here just to say my toughts about Sometimes for me, it appears be more RNG and Hardware than strategic. some persons just get on your way to block your path / vision, pick in the last second when you'r comming close to make you mistake and RNG about your position against the hero you want is. I have a little suggestion to that roulette, I think it gets simple and fair for every Pick order and pick choice clearly. Ok, I dunno its clearly enough but my tought is to set up the pick to Your pick, choice and get; simple and clear. It would be done thus every person get locked and have a little timer to choice in order, then just select the hero instead of keep walking, trying to be faster and someone doesn't pick what you would like by blocking you. i.e: I'm first pick, then I have some seconds to choose the hero and get it no matters my position, then the second does the same and so on. and if not pick on time, just get randomly. Sorry bad english and hope you guys can understand. Just my opinion about tho

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