To All New Players About RP

Hi there new fellas. Due to technical problems from riot games I've been unable in replying your questions regarding the RP problems and BE so I'm making this thread. PBE players are supposed to receive 8000 RP each day in order to test new content and report possible bugs but unfortunately about 5 months ago Riot's RP granting system broke and no player has received RP since that time. As a temporary solution, PBE players can buy ALL champions and the new content for 1 blue essence. Alternatively you could contact player support and ask for some RP but be warned that you can only get this RP for once and not more ( I however am not sure if they still provide this service ). Also you do NOT get BE for free in PBE, the only means of acquiring BE in PBE is by playing, just like the normal servers. Please be patient as it will take more time for the problem to be resolved and keep in mind that our most important job here is to test the new content and report bugs which means playing is not the sole and main purpose of playing in the PBE. I also need to remind you that negative behavior such as verbal abuse will receive greater punishments than they normally do in the live servers so keep calm and do not under any circumstances flame. For keeping up to date I suggest you to simply keep and eye on the notification circle on the top left side of the client. You'll also find the complete list of rules and duties in [**This**]( thread. You may also find more info regarding the RP problem [**Here**](

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