Aatrox Tooltips

Aatrox has probably the worst tooltips up to date, with more missing than not. Passive: Pressing shift adds the 2 Seconds CDR and the 40% Multilator Description, which is not alot and important enough for the main Tooltip. Q: Missing: 1.%Damage increase on consecutive casts 2.%Damage increase on hitting with the blade edge 3.Knockup Duration 4.Recast window 5. Recast lockout E: Missing: 1.Recharge Cooldown 2.AD increase 3.Buff Duration R: Missing: 1. MS increase 2. Health gain/stored per second 3. Invincible Duration 4. Root Duration during revive 5.AD increase Also pressing shift only adds some empty space. I really hope these are wip tooltips.
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