Qiyana Feedback! Feels weak

Damn Riot is dropping those Champs. I just wanted to give a little Feedback to the new champ Qiyana. I think she's super fun to play and a really great Champion. But she seems REALLY weak to me. It's funny because she's an AD Assasin but she really does not deal that much dmg. When I'm having trouble to kill an ADC with an Fed Assasin then something went wrong. (It was a Bot Game! I had a really rough time to kill a Sivir-Bot lmao) Also her W Passive seems a bit off to me. I thought she's an Assasin... so why she's getting Irelia's Passive? (Revert Irelia pls) It's just weird that an Assasin gets On-Hit Damage and Attack Speed. (the Attack Speed part is fine) So overall I think: Great Design, Fun to Play but pretty weak.
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