Death Screen Performance Tweaks

Hey all! I’m Riot JxE from the Sustainability Initiative. Our goal is to make it easier for developers to make League of Legends awesome for years to come. We recently spun up a team that’s focused on refactoring our rendering code. This team is laying down the foundation that we can build on to improve the visuals of League of Legends. These won’t be the highest quality pixels anybody's seen, but they’ll look good and run on your machine. We’ve redone some of the death screen visuals which will be hitting the PBE today. This was an exercise to get to know our code inside and out that led to some cool side benefits. Prior to our changes, every object in the game had a shader attached to them that would tell the object to turn gray when someone died. This was done a long time ago to make characters render at 20% saturation while the background was completely desaturated. With our new changes, there’s a single post-process pass that sets everything to 20% saturation. Once we’re confident in this change we’ll remove the old code which results in faster load times when joining a game and memory savings. You will immediately get higher fps while viewing the death screen (VFX now render 65% faster and animated objects render 33% faster). BEFORE: AFTER: We know some of you will encounter this screen more than others. While you’re reflecting on the terrible decisions you’ve made, please take some time to let us know if you notice any issues with our changes! Thanks! Riot JxE
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