ARAM Balance Suggestions (Near 800+ Games Played)

As a person who plays mainly ARAM I think i have some good standing on which to suggest balance changes. First off, thank you for actually putting in some time and effort into this game mode it means a lot to players who really enjoy faster paced stuff like this. (Now if youd just bring back ARURF coughcough) but i digress. One thing you need to understand first when balancing ARAM is that players who like the mode dont like it because it ends faster, they like it because the power spikes come faster and for a lot of champions, especially melee champions, unless your opponents chimp out at the start and you go 3/0 within the first few min these power spikes feel pretty bad because you still cant walk up until most of the turrets are cleared. Now I wouldn’t suggest giving the turrets less health but instead buffing the champions that are clearly a bit weaker AND letting older items stay on ARAM, it could even almost act like testing for you guys. Items such as the newer Atma’s that debuted on Nexus Blitz or Force of Nature or even the Butchers Bridge exclusive, with the exception of Mariners Vengeance, (why are they even exclusive btw?) items would all be welcome additions. Anyhow, my suggested changes would be as follows (on top of any already existing changes to these champs, as I cross checked with current balance changes) : Nerfs: Amumu: +8% damage taken Brand: -5% damage dealt Caitlyn: -5% damage dealt Cho’Gath: +10% damage taken Fiddlesticks: +5% damage taken (seen quite a few ppl play him with visage just as a full tank bc of damage nerfs) Garen: +10% damage taken / -10% damage dealt Heimerdinger: -4% damage dealt Janna: +5% damage taken / -2% shielding Kog’Maw: -5% damage dealt Malphite: +5% damage taken Maokai: +10% damage taken Nami: +8% damage taken Nautilus: +5% damage taken Sona: +10% damage taken Syndra: -8% damage dealt Veigar: -5% damage dealt / +5% damage taken Vel’Koz: -8% damage dealt Volibear: +8% damage taken Ziggs: +5% damage taken Zyra: -5% damage dealt Buffs: Akali: +2% damage dealt / -7% damage taken Aurelion Sol: +15% damage dealt / -15% damage taken Azir: +5% damage dealt Bard: -5% damage taken Braum: +20% damage done (or in all honesty give him some scaling on his Q other than health) Corki: +8% damage dealt Evelynn: +5% damage dealt / -5% damage taken Gnar: -5% damage taken Gragas: +10% damage dealt Hecarim: +8% damage dealt Ivern: +15% damage dealt / -15% damage taken Jarvan IV: +15% damage dealt Jax: -8% damage taken Kai’Sa: +3% damage dealt Kalista: +10% damage dealt / -8% damage taken Kassadin: -5% damage taken Kayn: +10% damage dealt / -15% damage taken Kha’Zix: -5% damage taken Kindred: +5% damage dealt Kled: +20% damage dealt / -15% damage taken LeBlanc: +8% damage dealt Lee Sin: +7% damage dealt / -5% damage taken Lucian: +5% damage dealt Lulu: -5% damage taken Master Yi: -5% damage taken Mordekaiser: -10% damage taken Nidalee: -8% damage taken Nocturne: +10% damage dealt / 5% damage taken Olaf: -10% damage taken Pantheon: +10% damage dealt / -5% damage taken Poppy: +20% damage dealt / -8% damage taken Rammus: +10% damage dealt Rek’Sai: +8% damage dealt / -8% damage taken Renekton: +10% damage dealt / -10% damage taken Rengar: +5% damage dealt / -8% damage taken Ryze: +10% damage dealt Sejuani: +10% damage dealt Shen: +20% damage dealt/ -8% damage taken Taliyah: +10% damage dealt Thresh: +10% damage dealt (also maybe adjust his gains on armor per soul) Tristana: +5% damage dealt Tryndamere: -5% damage taken Udyr: -+5% damage dealt / -5% damage taken Vayne: +10% damage dealt Warwick: -10% damage taken Xin Zhao: +15% damage dealt / -5% damage taken Zed: +12% damage dealt / -8% damage taken Zoe: +5% damage dealt
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