Riot engineering please come and watch Seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Custom games are forgotten no voice chat trillion of bugs in custom games and ....... custom game stuck in 0 second i wonder when they will fix these bugs -- in another parallel universe maybe all bugs fixed . -the aram free stop watch and boots when they will reduce their cooldows ? if its game mode aram then cooldown of boots get 4 minutes easy is this hard to make it riot engineers ? -please buff kassadin jungle i want to play kasadin jungle and really stuck low level or i cant gank and i cant clear creeps fast. buff his basic attack damage against creeps or i dont know . -buff nasus jungle also he cant stuck or damage creeps .the stack should be 6 in the jungle -and please fix the bug of start at match the freezes when the announcers say welcome to summoners rift i think. the function of playing sounds its really eating performance it should be tuned .

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