Aatrox Rework is great imo just needs a few things fixed

Honestly I like this Rework a lot a bit more than the Old one because Ik it's flaws and all you really can do is E to cs when you're zoned because all you can do is AA. Trundle has this same problem tbh but staying on topic the only issue I'm having or feeling is not hitting the mark is his R, W and E, But mostly his R. First off he's missing a running animation though it looks kinda cool... E - its a small dash but its good because its used to re-position to land your Q's and you can even do this before you Q or mid Q or right before the Q end so that's great but, the cooldown doesn't get really low mid/lategame nor does he gain a 3rd dash at max lvl E or anything either so if you dash early to get close for your W to then combo them you always feel like you needed 1 more E. Maybe make the E CD get lowered if you hit the Tip OR resets if you hit the Top W - Its nice, same length as most of his Q to combo, just it gets stopped by minions and is very narrow and idc about its speed, but if its getting blocked by minions atleast make it be faster, or make it so if you hit a minion it still activates and instead of chaining the target, when it hits 1 Target it does the same thing as Swain E and explodes or in this cause chains multiple target in a tiny area as the wormhole or w.e. he has there, and then after the duration they all get pulled in, his W would need to be able to go through minions and stopped at its length or till it hits an enemy champion though, just ideas but honestly it isn't so bad, but people can easily get out from walking at the side, but that's counterplay so its fine. R - Other than his wings, which most people want a mini-banner like version of them in his base form ( I don't mind it as it is but I do miss them or wish the Tiny ones he has were a big bigger) His ult is just lacking an Oomph, his abilities size doesn't get increased so its a bit silly, you're mostly using it to get in combat, so the MS out of combat isn't very usefull 80% of the time unless you're about to chase, your Q locks you out of movement BUT you're E helps but.. the range is still the same so it feels lacking and since he isnt gaining the AA range increase either it feels weird. Maybe Increase his spell sizes slightly, Maybe let him Gain some HP, the MS can just be at the start of his ult like a mini nimbus cloak if not removed entirely and an increase in his AA range in this form would be nice too. Not all of these together but just some ideas, I mostly care for the Spell and AA range and size increase. The spell size just makes sense and I thought it was already like that and thought that's why he doesn't gain AA range on his R anymore, but learned later that its just Bigger size model which doesn't do much if spells aren't greatl affected, MS out of combat which isn't bad but not practical and he gains more AD which I'm not complaining about. Otherwise great rework :D ( I do wish the Sea Hunter Aatrox had a sword that reflected his old one more, new one design is sick, but its just missing the old bilgewater handle it hand, maybe add some of that bronze yellow or w.e.)
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