Blind instead of Draft?

I already commented about this theme, but i think it is worth giving a try for an own discussion. In the PBE, people play for testing, mostly new champs or champs who get reworked or items, like that. For example: Qiyana Draft picks doesn't allow both team to pick her. I really tried to be patient today and yesterday, but even my patience is not endless. If you are not first pick then you wont play the champ you want, ok... frustrating but ok. BUT if your TEAM doesn't have the right to first pick cuz you are red side, then noone can play Qiyana, and this is where the problem begans. People start to dodge, and hope that they will have the first pick in the next lobby. I got first picks in 2 lobbies, but enemy simply dodged when i locked in Qiyana... So i was thinking, it is draft pick, but without bans (which is understandable), but why can't it be blind pick? So at least you don't have to compete with the enemy team to have a pick, only your team. That could be also frustrating, sure, but with fair communication maybe there is a chance to work with that. I don't know... i just got tilted about that i could not get a chance to test this champion because of nonstop dodging. I think punishment for dodge won't help this problem, because if you get punished for 30 mins, then you can still open the common League and play a game. People will just do that. So i'm curious if there is a way to make this trouble dissappear or i just have to keep playing Qiyana or reworked champs in Custom game against bots, until it goes to the common LoL?
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