Useful information for new PBE players

>#[{quoted}](id=hi,name=Last time updated,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=G2h6QTbN,timestamp=2019-10-09T12:51:00.000+0200) _Fixed formatting (sorry) [REPOST]([][][] This post sums up all the general information that new players need to know when joining PBE. Please read everything carefully and don't skip anything. Also, don't forget to read the official [PBE FAQ]( page![][] || |-- | |[] |[] |[] | | |[] | |[] | | Latest PBE Patch Notes can be found on| | Join our PBE Discord community! | | | >>[**Surrender@20**](<< | | >>[**INVITATION**](<< |[] While there are no rules section on PBE boards, I believe that we should hold on to Live servers boards rules. # >> [Universal Rules]( <<[][][] * * Download [**League of Legends PBE installer**]( for Windows * * Open the downloaded **League of Legends PBE installer**. * * Follow the instructions to install the PBE client in your preferred location. You'll have to agree to the Terms of Use during installation, even if you've already done so for the live client. * * After installing, an option will appear to automatically launch the PBE client and start patching.[] * * Download [**League of Legends PBE client**]( for Mac. * * Drag the downloaded** League of Legends PBE.dmg** into your Applications folder. * * After the files copy over, go into the Applications folder and launch League of Legends. * * The client will automatically begin patching.[][] On PBE we report bugs on PBE Boards or by using [Bug Report Tool (PBR)]( * Guide: [[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE]( Please check if bug wasn't recently reported to avoid spamming same posts in a row. Feel free to post a comment with aditional notes and video/screenshots about the bug on the other player reports.[][] Feedback about the new content should be posted on rightful discussion. Please check sticky discussions on the other subcommunities on the left panel.[][] We can expect maintenance every workday from Monday till Friday (sometimes on Saturdays). >* Server goes down for a maintenance usually at the same time: >* * **North America:** 12pm PDT >* * **Europe:** 7pm GMT There is a possibility that maintenance could start later on the same day. Maintenance can take up to an hour or more. Please check [SERVER STATUS PAGE]( Do not panic(!) and do not create discussions regarding it.[][] > ##Why my Ping is higher than on the live servers? * Most likely due to the distance between you and the server. * PBE server is located in North America, Chicago. >##Are there any plans for EU (or any other region) PBE server? * Currently not. >##Why some skins and icons are not available in the store? * Those skins and icons currently don't need any testing. >##Why new skin's splash art is missing? * Splash art is most likely is still being worked on and going to be added later. >##How long does testing one patch takes? * Two (2) weeks. Sometimes more (rarely). >##How can I get more Riot Points[] and Blue Essence[]? * Missions has been updated for PBE with the capability to grant RP[] [[MORE INFO]]( * You can earn Blue Essence[] by leveling up and disenchanting champion shards, just like on the live servers. >##Do Rioters play on PBE? * Yes, sometimes. >##Can I get banned? * Yes. >##Where can I suggest a new skin for a champion, a new game mode or feature? * Feel free to post them on your region boards or [NA boards]( (EU and OCE players can post too!).[]
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