Rune feedback: Celerity & Shield Bash

##Celerity This rune is rather bland since it passively applies to all movement increasing sources. I'd like to see it be more significant yet occasional bonus rather than just a passive increase to all movement speed. **Suggestion**: accumulate up to 100 distance units whenever not under the effect of a speed boost. Speed boosts consume accumulated distance units to increase the movement speed effect of the boost by 25% until either the speed boost or accumulated distance runs out. Does not affect boots or out of combat movement speed bonuses. _Good for short bursts of movement speed but not so useful for long distance travel. Also cuts out speed boost stacking strategies for Hecarim._ ##Shield bash This rune is very interesting. It's a good pick on champions who frequently apply shield to themselves but not so much on champions who receive shields less often. I'd like it to be a slightly more attractive option for champions who have long cooldown shields... maybe it could even promote the use of Barrier. **Suggestion/addition**: if you haven't received a shield for 60 seconds, the next shield you receive will have triple the armor and mr bonus it regularly has. _This way the rune can benefit two different target groups: 1. Damage/trading bonus for frequent shield users 2. Damage mitigation bonus for less frequent shield users_

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