Reports in PBE

I recently acquired a PBE account, and I have to say that with the increased amount of players this server has, I think more things should change. What I'm talking about is the report system. If you get reported in the PBE server, it won't change anything in your main account, in any other server. But, why? The report system should also affect the account that is linked to this PBE account because the attitude that some players can have is unacceptable, "It's PBE, it doesn't matter". So those kind of players and that kind of attitude ruins the gameplay experience the other players can have. What I propose is that if a player shows a negative behavior in PBE, it should also add consequences to their main account. For example, if someone leaves a match because "It's PBE", what makes anyone else think that they won't do the same in any other server? A person does simply not change "personality" between servers. Thank you very much for your attention and I hope someone takes this into account.
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