Ahri doesn't need changed

Ahri is a strange champion... Her kit has a little of everything, and it doesn't have overbearing amounts of anything aside from mobility (cc/damage/zone/ect). The most important thing in balancing her, is what items are available to her. Ideally she is okay into everything, and maybe counters a small handful of champions that should probably be reworked. Right now adding lost chapter into luden's echo, was more than enough to put Ahri back into a very very comfortable position in the meta. It fixed her mana issues, and added that last bit of damage into her kit that she needs to function. The Spellbinder item was a nice payoff item that gave her a way to comfortably snowball, but the rest of the ap items are still appealing, and completely viable in different circumstances. Her winrate was reflecting this, but has since dropped down to 50.9% as of this post. Ideally it should probably be around 53% just given the nature of her kit. Reverting to the dfg charm is a huge mistake. It's just not fun for enemies to go up against. She has a ton of mobility and setting up charms, especially with the animation cancel, is not that hard. Adding in the cdr reduction to other abilities for simply CASTING her ultimate, is ignorance, of every single part of how this champion operates. I don't want to be mean, but this is a change that is just simply mind-blowing. Case and point is that you aren't reverting the range change to the w that was introduced because of the movement speed on her q. I don't believe she needs a change. But if you're intent on giving her a little boost, I have a very small change that would do a ton for her. Just make her w so that when she uses it, she will get an extended auto attack range (maybe even a small boost in damage). This will allow her to pressure towers; especially people who are willing to commit to a lich bane build. This will re-introduce another playstyle back into her builds. Or, you can just re-add her ability to cancel dashes with the charms (both are fine). I am of course excluding all unstoppable dashes like malphite and vi. Aside from aatrox, because we all know you don't actually care about that one (LOL). This is primarily a rant to Riot, but I am interested to what everyone else is thinking about this kit. I am an Ahri main that thinks she is fine. Change my mind! ;P
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