Sett feed back from Mastery 6

So I have been playing a TON of Sett and he has few issues. One I think is a Bug and the others is a design issue. BUG: Setts Auto attacks and Q distance If you auto attack with Set the first attack is at the correct range but often the second attack he moves to be RIGHT on top of the target. Basically standing on TOP of the target. This also happens when you Press Q after his First attack so the Q is using his Second attack. Its REALLY bad and totally screws up a lot of his laning and team fights. Second is his ULT Sett needs to Stun his Ulted Target for .25-.5s after the land. His target actually recovers from the attack faster then Sett does as he is in an animation lock. This leads to Sett getting Stunned by CC from his target or his target dashing away RIGHT as they lane. You cant get off his Ult > E combo most of the time Sett also needs a Shield on his Ult. Far too often he dies before landing with his Target and if that happens his Ult does ZERO damage. Other then these issue he is a solid champions.

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