My Feedback From Playing Teamfight Tactics

Hello fellow summoners, I've played this game for roughly twenty hours, so I'd like to use this moment to provide some feedback on what I've picked up, and have problems with: 1) Lack of Information Surprisingly, there is a lot more to learn in this game that isn't given to you - and certainly isn't obvious! For example, did you know there is only a finite number of units on the board that you have to check your opponents' enemies to check if they have the units you want, otherwise they won't show at the shop? Yeah - I didn't either, until minutes before writing this post. The fact players have to use external resources such as: 'Scarra's TFT Cheat Sheet' to decide how to approach the game, demonstrates to me, the lack of resources and explanation provided by Riot, regarding these features. There are plenty that is undiscovered in this game, and the lack of guidance, information, or tutorials available to the player places each of us at a disadvantage, especially to those who devote little time to the game, which makes this a major concern. 2) Items are random - not deterministic I'm sure everyone is familiar with this one - so I'll make it quick. There should perhaps be a shop that players can buy items from, or, make an item guaranteed to drop of a certain quality or higher. Otherwise, even if players are guaranteed items, they will have a serious advantage if they receive an 'epic' quality item, compared to someone receiving a 'common' quality item. There should be a way to avoid RNG in some manner - perhaps the ability to upgrade items using the coins. Remember: this game should be about skill, rather than luck. Deciding whether to upgrade items using coins, buying items with coins, buying champions with coins, or saving your coins, is a more meaningful and skilful decision than hoping RNG has your side. 3) This is a game about RNG not skill. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with this game, and for the foreseeable future, is RNG. No matter how skilled you are, no matter how 'pro', no matter how many hours you put into this game - it can all be put down to one item: RNG. If the player with the most hours receives bad luck - having no tier 2 units, have their enemies monopolise the board to prevent T3 units, and, receives no items - they can be utterly wiped out in a few rounds. Sure, you could build around the classes/origins you receive, but often times those champions don't churn out often enough to build something - or, even worse, the champions you receive have no synergy with the remainder of your team. 4) Changing Strategy is a no-go in the Late game Did your opponent counter you by building all tank against your Assassins? Well, that's right - you lose. There's nothing you can do. If your build fails in the late game, you lose. There's no strategy change, there's no mental thinking involved. You don't have enough coins to refresh often enough to change. There's no ability to fight back - round after round, you lose, with no hope of winning. Once you make it to late game, and your final 'build' fails - don't bother attempting to change it, because it won't work. 5) Ranked Matchmaking is Flawed Off-topic here, but: Did you hear about Riot's matchmaking for ranked? No, well allow me to explain: you can queue ranked with 3 to 5 of your friends (depending on rank). Now, why might this be a real problem? Many people say because of win-trading, but it extends far more than that: your other 3 opponents cannot win - ever, in fact. If all 5 friends work togther, reviewing the units of each enemy, then recruiting units that prevent their enemy from gaining tier 2 and tier 3 units - you lose. Straight up, you cannot win. If you know your enemy is going for a strategy, and you work together with 5 people, and recruit all the champions they need to complete that composition, well, you're a gonner', that's it - you may as well resign. 6) Champions should have less RNG As touched on earlier - there's too much RNG with the game. Now obviously, if everyone could buy their champions, every game would end with people with the same set of champions - so that too is a problem. On the other end of the spectrum, bad RNG can make this a game about luck, rather than skill. There needs to be a balance between those two. That brings me on to my next point: 7) You are 'locked' into a composition at the beginning of the game Did you always want to try out that cool build with Anivia or Swain? Too bad, your composition doesn't synergise well. The problem here: you cannot change your composition mid-way through the game, to allow for an Anivia or Swain to be used if you didn't start/focus on that composition. The other side of this issue is: if you did choose a composition that involved Swain or Anivia - gettng those champions are a different story entirely, you could refresh the page 28 times, and still not receive it once. Another game, you could refresh the game once, and see Swain, Anivia, and Yasuo all lined up - the problem though, you can't recruit any of them because your composition at the beginning of the game, didn't allow it. On the other end, building a composition in the early game to eventually involve Anivia is not viable, since you may not ever receive her! Therefore, you cannot build a composition from the early game, since you may not get the champions you want. If you build a composition in the mid/late game, then see a sweet Legendary unit like Anivia or Swain, and think "Wow, I want to get her and change my comp", well you can't because its too late, once you've decided on a composition in the mid/late of a game, its pretty hard to switch. Ultimately, there is far, far, too much RNG. If you are going to involve 'ranked', which is a test of skill, players should be equipped with the ability to do just that - think of compositions and tactics to counter your opponent. Combine that with the lack of flexibility and static nature of compositions, you are reliant and Lady Luck throughout the game to make any composition work. Instead, right now, it is a test of who was luckiest this game. Did you upgrade 2 Anivia's to T2, but your opponent also has a T2 Anivia? Too bad, change your strategy, there isn't enough Anivia's anymore to get your T3 Anivia, completely nullifying your strategy. Thus, your rank would determine how fortunate you've been relative to other players. I would like the ability to reduce the RNG; perhaps a 'Wild' card at the shop that upgrades a champion to the next level; perhaps the ability to buy certain champions? Maybe fill up a bar to choose a champion that you want? I don't know, but any way to reduce the RNG is helpful. Reducing RNG could be as simple as starting every game by choosing one of five champion classes/origins, that fills your shop with champions of that nature: you could provide one of these buckets in the mid and late game as well. Alternatively, what if random 'extra' units appeared in your shop? What if there was a temporary increase to the number of units sold in the shop? What if there was a chance to trade your unit with someone on your opponent? What if you could buy units with currency? I want to thank anyone who has reached the end, because I know not all of you will agree with this sentiment - but I do believe a game should not be based entirely on luck. Yes, I understand it is 'auto chess', and part of that involves RNG - but there is no reason why Riot cannot introduce alternative ways to get what you need, to ultimately, make it a less frustrating experience, and involve more decision making. Thank you for reading
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