New Runic Echoes - Missing the MS

I love the 10% CDR change. However, I do really miss the MS. Mana is nice but it's something I resolve with my builds anyway eventually and a lot of AP junglers fall off so I try to at least go for slightly greedier setups. Although, it's certainly welcome that the extra mana opens up new itemization options. MS is trickier and more critical for my early game impact. I can conserve my mana before going for a large play but I can't make myself faster to help me pull it off. I'd rather have higher impact ganks rather than more frequent ganks due to mana availability. Plus, HP is more often a limiting factor for me than mana. The off-meta AP junglers are especially chunked by the jungle. AD junglers have it easier in this regard because Machete has 10% LS. The healing from the Talisman passive doesn't scale as well for sustain even after completing the jungle item. I'd happily trade that mana for 7% MS. I've become accustomed to having MS from Runic Echoes over the seasons and it makes a significant gameplay impact in terms of your limits on champions in being able to get in/out, dive etc. A compromise of for example 3% MS and 150 mana might be fine too. These are just impressions. I haven't thought about this very deeply yet but I can say that for sure 10% CDR is a good change. The elimination of MS, I do not like so much but overall the item is certainly an improvement even as is! BTW: If I could trade that mana for another 10% CDR, it might be even better. That would bring it in line with Luden's and AA's in terms of CDR. While I would miss the MS still, this would open up a whole slew of builds and it might make Transcendence attractive too.
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