The new Infinity Edge is overtuned, stronger than live game & completely avoids the proposed problem

"Reworking Infinity Edge to be less impactful early on, with passives that make it less powerful against early game targets and more dependent on scaling through the game " The problem with this is that this new infinity edge deals higher DPS when combined with 1 zeal item than on the current game. Enough so that the cost increases are virtually negligible. On Live: 5 auto's (3 Crits + 1 Shiv Proc) = 908 damage On PBE: 5 auto's (3 Crits + 1 Shiv Proc) = 944 damage (These are both vs the practice dummies which are comparable to a squishy target) On top of that the new PBE infinity edge now has an even better 3 item spiken, because the passive lets you now get 100% crit chance compared to the 80% you can get on live. I'm not making this shit up you can log onto the live game, compare side by side to the PBE & you'll see that the PBE gives you a higher DPS. Then to make matters even worse ADC's can now buy a 4th item last whisper and shred 35% of any targets armor. This increase your DPS higher than any 4th item buy on the live server would. ----------- **The Problem** The entire problem is the new infinity edge, I'll break down what I think about both of the new passives. * **Doubling Crit Chance** This is a terrible idea & it feels like this was only done as a way to compensate Yasuo players without any actual thought into how it effects ADC's. The worst part is you don't realise that these changes completely negate the item cost increases you did to the crit items. * ADC's 3 item spike (2 Zeal Items & Infinity Edge) has gone up a total 700 gold cost * ADC's on the live game get 80% Crit with these 3 items, on PBE they get 100% Crit with these 3 items. * 20% Crit Chance & 10 AD = 1150 Gold The best part being ADC's don't technically even need to finish a 3rd zeal item & instead can just sit on their zeal and still get 100% Crit chance. What this means is ADC's can effectively hit their 3 item spike 1300 gold earlier than on the live game. * **Crit Chance Converting to true damage** I don't think this is a bad idea, just it is made extremely overpowered due to the other IE Passive letting every ADC get 100% Crit chance. tldr; only so strong because every ADC can get 100% Crit chance at 3 items. -------- **Solution** This solution would reduce the damage ADC's are dealing by about 15-20% without doing too much harm to the Crit Based Bruisers (Yasuo/Trynd/Graves). * Remove the double crit chance passive off of Infinity Edge * Change Phantom dancer into a 50% Crit chance item, with a higher gold gold cost & lower attack speed. Phantom dancer is already pretty much a bruiser centric item, more specifically used on champions such as Yasuo/Tryndamere. * In the case of Yasuo (assuming the infinity edge "Doubles Crit Chance" is removed) it'd let him get his 100% Still without deviating too much from his live game build path. * In the case of Tryndamere (assuming the infinity edge "Doubles Crit Chance" is removed) it'd also function as compensation for the loss of 20% Crit chance on Essence Reaver.
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