Talon needs some more buffs

With testing on the PBE, the changes to Duskblade and buffs to him aren't enough. I didn't do much testing, only using Duskblade to see what the difference would be, but his damage goes down in total, while comparing it to Zed, Zed's total damage has gone up. These were the test results I have. Zed Level 11 Combo (Ult + Duskblade + 3 Shuriken + 2 E) Live - 1031 PBE - 1253 Talon Level 11 Combo (W + distance Q + Passive/Duskblade + Ult + Duskblade) Live - 1123 PBE - 1043 The best result for this would be to nerf some of Zed's damage, and give Talon a bit more compensation.

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