Remove smite from the ARURF so Chinese players don't AFK jungle

I've played a game recently where it was 4v5, which is almost normal since many are playing in PBE with unplayable pings since they are far away. things that I noticed: - Chinese players usually have the pings and AFK - In that game the 2 players that picked smite were chinese. (Karthus spoke chinese in chat, hec did too +His clan name) - I could bet that the AFK fizz was playing from china too (not sure tho) - So me and varus were both left to 1v2 pretty much, but since karthus jungled, it was mostly me that had to get stomped by 2. - I suggest that you remove smite so that we don't get players that tilt their team by going jungle and feeding the other team with failed ganks. we don't need smite in URF anyway since it's URF. - Or you could just make a chinese PBE since most of league contents (Skins & champs) are intended for chinese audience. it's only fair. Screenshot is just for demonstration purposes (Love you amy <3)[]
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