Feedback you give no Flash's about.

{{champion:223}} Thanks for making him literally useless now. His only LAST thing he has was his HP regen from Grey health. And guess what? It wasn't op. Wanna talk op? {{champion:555}} Still not nerfed. Good job. Clone of Tahm and does better than him in all aspects. Can get up to 30k gold in 28 minutes. Full build and infinite elixirs. Great design. Not. {{champion:114}} You never learn do you? Stop rewriting how Turrets should be for "specific" champions. I get none of you play the game. You play once a week to not be decayed. I get it. But that's not how the balance team should be working at all. Turrets should be a SAFE area for your champions. Not gold cash cows for champions. Shame you dont give a shit other than making flashy plays because Tencent told you too. {{champion:113}} Clearly. Like {{champion:223}} you hate her played, and more importantly. You hate anything about the champion. Retevert her already. Like {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:28}} Revert them. Literally Revert. Stop wasting our time, our money. On your trash "we wanna make it work" nothing you touch. Works. Ever. {{champion:69}} Why is this getting a buff. Shes already overpowered. {{champion:53}} Why. {{champion:1}} Why. {{champion:92}} Man... Why does anyone play this game? Oh I remember because they fell in love with the champions. They fell in love with the gameplay, or story. Or both. Shame the balance team doesn't give a flying fuck about the player base. And makes sure they know it. Do some actual work for once Balance team... AND PLAY THE GAME.

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