Kai'sa Splashart

This is the first time I prefer the model in game than the splashart of a champion in league of legends. Her face in the model has a lot of more personality, with shuriman facial features, an expression that makes think she is a strong hunter, and a darker skin, all this makes her unique. However in the splashart, she has a beautiful standard girl face (as she was Scarlett Johansson) with a gaze lost somewhere over the horizon, and pale skin with a long neck (just the most sexual face you could do although that is other topic I will treat in other post). **If you could change her face and make it more like the 3D model, I think it would be nice, giving her more personality and originality.** About the splashart other thing (although I think you won't change at this point) it is her posture. She is shooting, so she is in a fight, but she is in a posture to rest, what doesnt make sense. Besides, if she is fighting, why she doesn't have an expression in her face with a gaze lost instead of a focused or angry one?

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